Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mountain Tasks

Jenica and I made a list of all the things we wanted to do in Denver... And we checked several more off this weekend....

I went to Boulder with some friends, and we went to see a waterfall just outside of town. Boulder is a beautiful town, and it feels like you are right in the mountains.... 

(Jenny, Me, Sarah, and Dixie)

Saturday, some friends and I went to a Rugby game. Sarah knew one of the guys playing on the Dallas team, so we went to watch them play. It was really intense, and all the players were so beat up after the game! I was afraid they were going to keel over. One of the rugby guys works for Frito Lay and helped design their new biodegradeable bag... I asked if they could make a quieter one, and he said they've been working on it for a year!

 Nate, Dixie, Sarah, Kari... Me and Erin

Today, Jenica and I went to the zoo because it was free today! Then we also went to the REI flagship (I think that means it was the first one, but I'm not really sure), and we also went to get Vietnamese food since I'd never had it! It was really good, and Jenica ate intestines, while I watched :)

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