Saturday, December 4, 2010

Should be doing homework.....

.....but I am experiencing writer's block.... ok, not really.

So we have to write a 25 page paper, and it counts as our final paper for two classes. Which is nice, and it encourages us to integrate the material. However, the paper is based on our life and analyzing our lives according to two developmental theories and two counseling theories.

I jokingly told my mother yesterday that "Sometimes I think all this self-reflection and analysis just might be causing additional problems" She told me to fix myself before I come home for Christmas :)


Larissa said...

That's hilarious...I mean what your mom said! She is so funny.

Majed said...

i thought you are already done with hw and the other nasty college-related stuff !!
writing a paper to analyze my life is going to be so interesting and kinda weird, but I am not sure if 25 pages are gonna be enough !!