Wednesday, July 29, 2009

on my mind.....

Ok, I know I talk about this and write about this a whole lot.....but it continues to plague me, and I have found it to be extra frustrating once again. Every three months means new people, new places, new beginnings, and the same sad end.

Time shortage:
There are three things that I cannot physically complete due to a lack of time: travel to all the places I want to go, read all the books I want to read, and spend time with all the awesome people I know.


Revelations says the seraphim cry out "Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty". I dont have a holy view of the Lord because of my unholiness which is also frustrating. This hinders my ability to see God for who He really is. Instead, I try to form God into this idea or image in my mind that fails to capture his true identity, and I miss out on his beauty.

I've been listening to sermons by Mark Driscoll about this subject and how the Lord uses suffering to turn us to worship. Suffering causes us to remove idols within our lives, so that we can truly see the Lord and depend on Him. He also talks about how life is a journey of just getting home....


Majed said...

transitions are nasty and i hate them,,
but let's be honest, life would be really boring without them.
but still, they are awful.
i don't really know, but they are kinda necessary and not in the same time :)

Larissa said...

UM...I am so listening to those sermons by mark driscoll too! I think we should be me sometime when you are off or on your way home!

Libby said...

I think that...You were up really late...or early however you want to look at it...sorry for breaking the serious mood...i'm know for doing that