Saturday, June 27, 2009

just let it happen

We started our day off by going to the Blueberry Farm, because we were planning on driving to Springfield for dinner and needed a snack to tide us over. For those of you who have never heard of the Blueberry Farm, it is about 5 minutes away from kamp and you can pick all sorts of berries, and then also buy muffins and jams if you want. The muffins are absolutely amazing and huge so naturally we had to stop.....

I went with counselors Elea Soler, Whitney Stotts (fellow Kstater), Nicole Perkuhn (Washburn), Tricia Alaback, and Shannon Jehn. I was really excited cause most of these girls are only working first session and will be leaving in the next two weeks, so this was a great chance to spend time with them.

So we all drove to Springfield to eat at Lamberts, home of the throwed rolls. The food was amazing, and I thought it was hilarious that our drinks came in these huge mugs. The mugs reminded me of summer time at home because my dad would use them all the time while he was out working....The food was great. I had some fried okra and some cucumbers and onions. For those of you who know me, you may know how much I love cucumbers, and since we dont get them at kamp, I was stoked.....!!!! After dinner, we headed back to Branson.

Now this is where it gets more interesting. *Sidenote* I did not get much sleep the night before due to kamper lost luggage (a whole nother story in itself.........nother is not a word....but im using it). So we drive into Branson, and the Ramada that we usually stay in was full, but we'd heard that the Gazebo Inn was only $34 a night for 4 if you work at kamp, so we decided to see if they had any rooms available. We were riding in Whitney's van and were very low on gas, but thought we could make it until the morning. So we pull into the Gazebo Inn, which is right off the main strip, and once you pull into the lot, there's a very steep hill going down towards all the rooms. Elea and I go in to see if there are any rooms left, but there was only one and 7 of us, so it was a "no-go" (aka no room in the inn). So we decide to leave, and as Whitney turns on the van, the engine begins to we decide to try and coast down the hill, turn around, and use the momentum to go up the hill and make it back to the strip to the nearest gas station.

During all of this, Elea really had to go to the bathroom because she'd had several cups of coffee at Lamberts.

So we begin coasting down the hill in neutral and find out that you cant steer while in neutral, but luckily you can brake. So we make it down the hill, and all pray that there will be enough gas to make it up and to the gas station. Whitney turns on the gas, and the engine immediately dies. So naturally, I think its absolutely hilarious, and luckily Whitney and Elea think so as well. We are all exhausted from kamp and a little slap happy, and Elea really needs to use a restroom. So while we are waiting to decide what to do, Elea sneaks off behind a random Tahoe and relieves herself (we are all wearing dresses btw since we cant at kamp) and Whitney leaves to buy a gas can with gas.

Once she returns and I have finished laughing, we make it up the hill and to the gas station. By now we only have 15 minutes to find our next prospective hotel in order to not be sleeping in the van for the night.....(which would have made an even better story!) So we are driving around Branson, hoping we arent lost. We take a bunch of back roads and then spot a deer. Nicole gets super excited that we just saw a deer in the city, so naturally I think its hilarious and cant stop laughing again.....then we have to wait for our friends in a different car to meet up with us, so we pull up to a 4way stop sign and wave at all the other people to go and turn the flashers on. A car with a few guys pulls up and asks if we are ok. As they leave, I say "Aw, bless their hearts, that was so nice of them" and Whitney says, "They're just guys and we have a van of girls, I doubt they really wanted to help....."

Our other car catches up and we find our hotel just in time. The lady at the front desk hands us two keys and says we can just pay in the morning. "I just took my medicine and I cant see very good," she says, so we hurry off to our room. The place was actually pretty nice, but we stay up until 2 am making jokes about how we might die before the morning. In the morning, we check out but there is no one at the front desk, just a sign saying "call kelly with any questions". So Nicole calls Kelly, and she says she cant get there any time soon, but that she would just take care of our room and we can go ahead and leave......awesome! free night stay!

We went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast, and Elea's mom calls to tell her that she just got engaged! So naturally we are real excited for her mom.....and now we are at the laundromat doing our laundry.....I havent done mine in 2 weeks so you can imagine how horrendous it smells....!

All in all, this has been the most random/fun/crazy day off yet. Everyone was real chill about the whole thing and thought it was awesome....I love it

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Larissa said...

This stuff only happens to you Maggie...only to you!!