Monday, August 17, 2009


I wanted to write a new post, but wasnt quite sure what to here are some random thoughts for the day:

-I want to go buy a rubiks cube so I can show my family that I really do know how to complete one
-I'm going to buy the book Jesus through Middle Eastern Eyes and Im stoked
-the song that makes me cry these days just came on again!! .....curse you shuffle......
-I miss people
-I havent sweated in the last 3 days and am contemplating the point of showering
-love story meets viva la vida is now my Go-To
-Distractions, unhappiness, anxiety, stress.....all a result of Satan succeeding in taking our eyes off Christ and focusing our eyes on our circumstance

Ending with a Matt Thomas thought....

There is undoubtedly an increased agenda in our generation to mask who and what we really are. Ironically we live in a society that places such a heavy influence on individuality, authenticity, and being true to self. These colliding ideologies have produced a confused group of people, Christians, either afraid to submitting to any authority other than themselves, or so quick to boast in their self-proclaimed righteousness that any ounce of credibility they may have had ceases to exist. We must force ourselves to rigorously dig to the core of who we really are, so that what is left may be handed over to God for real sanctification.

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Majed said...

i love your new look. it's giving you more space to write your great thoughts ,,
hopefully we will hang out soon :)