Thursday, May 14, 2009

... you Faith Pole you......

So I leave to go to Table Rock Lake in T-minus five days. That's right......five days. five. the number of fingers on one hand (yes, i am counting your thumb as a finger because it is one....please dont try to argue this you Bio majors).

Upon arriving at kamp, I will be required to climb a very large pole, stand on top of it, and then jump off (with harnesses).

Problem number 1 with this: Im not a huge fan of heights. Why then am I working up at the ropes course all summer then you may ask.....well, that is a good question! One I am still trying to determine.
Problem number 2 with this: I would rather do a wet-exit in a kayak....which I also am not a huge fan of....

Optimistic point number 1: I only have to do this once. All the other times, I will only be watching kids do it all summer.....(whew!)
Optimistic point number 2: The harnesses we use at kamp are strong enough to hold a bus.
Optimisitic point number 3: I weigh less than a bus (whew!).

Great part about working at the Ropes course all summer......I will have the evenings off to help around kamp wherever they need me! aka, the kitchen!! Because otherwise, I would be sad to not be in the kitchen at all over the summer.....
Sidenote: I have determined that May could very well be the most difficult month for me out of the year. Leaving Manhattan, friends, and family just doesnt get any easier. Go figure....and while I know this is good, it doesnt make it less hard.....sad day
Lets not end sad though. So watch this....all the way to the end, and you will see why its so funny :) Have a great summer! If you arent working at kamp, then I be missin' you......write me a letter

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