Wednesday, May 6, 2009


So there's this guy who thinks he is going to live forever.
Yea, not just a really long time, but forever.

Ray Kurzweil, 65, is taking technological steps in order to live forever. How so you may ask? Well, it will occur in approximately 3 stages (taken from the article posted below):

1) First, lifestyle and aggressive antiaging therapies will allow more people to approach the 125-year limit of the natural human lifespan.
2) Meanwhile, advanced medical technology will begin to fix some of the underlying biological causes of aging, allowing this natural limit to be surpassed.
3)Finally, computers become so powerful that they can model human consciousness. This will permit us to download our personalities into nonbiological substrates. Once this occurs, we become information. And then, as long as we maintain multiple copies of ourselves to protect against a system crash, we won't die.

has no plan for retirement. He intends to sustain himself indefinitely through his intelligence, which he hopes will only grow.

He tries to safeguard his well-being. As a driver he is cautious. He frequently bicycles through the Boston suburbs, which is good for physical conditioning but also puts his immortality on the line. For most people, such risks blend into the background of life, concealed by a cheerful fatalism that under ordinary conditions we take as a sign of mental health. But of course Kurzweil objects to this fatalism. He wants us to try harder to survive."

What I gathered from this article is the following:
-In 30 yrs, he hopes to have the technology to live forever.
-This will result in downloading your consciousness/memories/personality into a robot that will essentially be you.
-Kurzweil is extremely fearful of death and takes such precautions to avoid it that he may not really be living life.
-People are crazy.

Check out the full article here
Ray Kurzweil from Wired Magazine

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Majed said...

would be really boring if i could live forever ,,
and for sure they would extend school and make it longer than this ,,
yeck !!