Friday, January 2, 2009

Starting off the New Year

Starting off the new year right............with people I havent seen in a long while.

For New Year's Eve, I headed to Manhattan and caught up with some of my very favorite people! I realized how much I had missed Manhattan and Kstate while being in Italy. I miss these people who know me SO well, and the ones that love me, what seems like unconditionally.

And now, I am in Kansas City hanging out with two of my kanakuk gals, and let's just say that time has no limits when it comes to kamp friends. No matter how long it has been, it seems like just yesterday when you were inseparable (cooking, working, eating, and sleeping within 2 feet of the same person for an entire 6 weeks). And no matter how long its been since your last "deep discussion", you can ALWAYS pick right up where you left off..........

2009, its gonna be a good one

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