Monday, January 19, 2009

As I read down through my blog, I realize how much I miss being in Italy and being so excited to share my newest adventure with everyone back home by writing a new entry and posting my photos. BUT God is so good. And He has made this transition from Italy back to the States a very smooth one. While I miss my European friends tremendously, I have no doubt that the Lord has orchestrated those friendships and that he will be faithful in those ties He created.

However, it has been such a blessing to be back in Manhattan this semester. I have greatly missed my friends and family, and the Lord continues to show me just how truly blessed I really am.

One of my roommates just showed me this site where you can turn you/your friends into South Park characters. Now, I have never watched the show myself, but many of my friends have, so I found it extremely entertaining to experiment with! Its a great time waster! Here is one that I created for one of my friends from Italy, Rich. His turned out the best--->

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