Monday, December 22, 2008

Transition Week.......

"Welcome back".......the first words I heard from America upon my arrival. They came from the mouth of the customs guy as I returned to the states from my stay in Italia.

Not only can I eavesdrop on people, but now strangers can understand what I am saying. I ate chips and salsa today, and it tasted like heaven in my mouth. Instead of my roommates squeaky bed, I had the pleasure of falling asleep to a fan (I still love you tho Katy......). I turned on the television and could understand the news; my own commentary was not needed. O! I straightened my hair with an actual straightener that works, and it was uh-mazing.

While these are all wonderful things, I greatly miss my friends from Italy. The people are what I will miss the most, but I think that is true no matter where I choose to go. Transitions and goodbyes seem to be a common theme in the life of college students. Every four months or so, I seem to be saying goodbye to some of my favorite people. Some I say goodbye to for good; others I know I will see again. Overall, its an emotionally exhausting experience.

Yet I am so excited to see everyone from home! I wish you all a very Merry Christmas as we celebrate the birth of our Lord!!!

Much love,

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