Thursday, December 18, 2008

Farewell Dinners......

Our API welcome dinner was at this rally nice restaurant in Tuscania. It has this large patio on the roof that overlooks the city. I remember our first night there: I hardly knew the girls I was eating with, Italian food had never tasted so good, I knew absolutely NO Italian, and I was pretty sure Monica thought I was crazy.

But then the other night, we returned to this same restaurant for our farewell dinner. But this time, I knew everyone (so well in fact I could give you their life story), the food still tasted amazing, I knew more Italian, and I hope Monica still didnt think I was crazy. This time we worked in the back of the kitchen with the head chef/owner of the restaurant and helped prepare the meal that we would be eating! How sweet is that???
We prepared parmesian cones and stuffed them with an eggplant purea that had some sun-dried tomatoes, thyme, and some onion! They were amazing! And then we made chicken breast with a cinnamon stick in it, and then a potato/orange sauce as a glaze for the chicken. All of this was served on top of salad with orange slices as a garnish.

It was so fun to recount our time spent in Italy and all that we had learned from the culture and from each other. I loved hanging out with the chef. His food is amazing, and he's just so cute. All the Italians are so cool......The shepherd, Stefano, and this cook were my favorites!

Then last night, we had our cooking final. I made homemade pasta with sausage and asparagus in a clear white wine sauce. It was amazing to say the least. My fellow classmates made things like potato cream soup, red clam sauce, meatballs, homemade gnocchi, etc. The food was incredible! And, Stefano came and joined us! We wanted him to taste some of our food cause we always eat his! It was so fun.....He's so cute.
After dinner, as we were all cleaning up, we decided we wanted to get some group photos, so Alison put her camera on a timer. But as she did this, she ran around the counter, but then wiped out because the floor was so slick because Rich isnt good at drying dishes. She was holding her wine glass, but managed to not break it and not spill all the wine.....It was so funny!!! We were cracking up because Alison always breaks something or falls down, so it was a great ending to an awesome semester!

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Katy said...

Oh she spilled the wine all right, just somehow completely surrounding Rich's foot yet not on his foot.