Monday, August 30, 2010

First Guests... (Roll Call One Maybe...)

Jenica and I are pretty much settled now! It didnt take me long to organize a few clothes and lay my mattress on the floor. I even found a table for my room for a great price of 4 dollars at Goodwill!

Yesterday, we had our first guests to our apartment! Allan and Meg (great friends from kamp) are in town for the weekend, Pete and Becca (also from kwest awhile back, they live here), and then Lana and Drew (whom I just met) also came to join us. We grilled out by the pool, and Jenica grilled some peaches that we ate with our ice cream...

Back: Allan, Drew, and Pete
Front: Meg, Jenica, Becca, and Lana
Hopefully, you know which one I am....

Today: Head to the seminary to check it out and get my photo id.... Gotta love those :)

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