Monday, March 29, 2010

Still Lots to Do.....

Recently Accomplished:
Eat at Houlihans (with Becca last weekend)
Buy something from Acme (sorta....I watched and picked out something Sam paid for....)

Need to Accomplish: 
Play Frisbee Golf
Swim in the Nat
Go in every building
Lay on the field of Old Stadium at night
Eat lunch at the union
Go to the Kat-House
Ride the moving bookshelves
Attend an away sporting event
Buy something from the library

Won't Accomplish:
Pull an All-Nighter (academically).......My class is not stressful enough
Go to a volleyball game......................The season is over
Snowball fight in the quad...................Hopefully no more snow
Get a quote in the Fourum..................Removed

Own 3 purple KState shirts (one I must purchase)
Chalk Campus
Clean Bramlage
Paint Up
Get on ESPN
See a Movie in Fourum
Talk to Scooter Girl
Fail a test
Get a 100% on a test
Play intramurals
Rush football field and basketball court
Yell at a Campus Tour
Dance at Longhorns
Picture with Wefaldt
Call Hall Ice Cream
Eat in the Derb, VZ, Kramer
Go to a basketball game
Go to a football game
Visit Pillsbury, Top of the World, Manhattan Hill, Konza
Meet a student athlete
Go in the President's House


Larissa said...

You don't have much time left...good luck! Hey when I come we should go to the Kat House

Majed said...

good to hear that you finally made it to Houlihans ,, last time i had dinner over there was on friday before spring break ,,

eating at the union should be pretty easy, you should do that like tomorrow :p

pulling an all-nighter is a great experience,, i hope you get to try it :)