Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Big Words

Today at a Youth for Christ lunch program, I sat in on a debate over tithing and whether or not as the new covenant, this commandment still applies to us. Or if we are called simply to give, to give everything (even our bodies) with a glad heart to the Lord.

While it was definitely an interesting conversation, lots of big words were thrown around: propitiation, escipology (<--is that even spelled right?), and the like.....I was excited about learning these new things, but was reminded that in the end doctrinal debates are not what save us. Confessing that Christ is Lord and turning away from our former lives out of love and devotion to Him ....well that combined with giving Him the glory and loving people....

It's easy to make following Christ more complex...

K-Institute (check)
Dallas (check)
Denver (unknown)
St. Louis (interview on Friday)
Summer/Spring Break (zoo)

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