Monday, January 4, 2010

Blue with a Tail

Over the break, I watched Julie and Julia and Avatar. (I would recommend both)

After watching Julie and Julia, I wanted to cook all sorts of things and turn my blog into some sort of checklist/goal thing.....

After watching Avatar, I wanted to be blue with a tail......and then I wanted to watch Pocahontas

But for real, a fun to-do list would be .....well fun.....

I just need to come up with a good idea


Majed said...

it's been awhile friend !!!
i still haven't seen the Avatar yet, but soon i will

i hope you are having a good break

Majed said...

my break wasn't too bad ,, there were some plans, but i decided not to do anything and stick here in manhattan because of a medication that i started taking and needed to make sure the everything is going fine ,, maybe i should post something about that medication ,,lol
im definitely going to watch avatar ,,,,
how's your break going ? i hope you are enjoying !!