Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I would name my polar bear Boo

So, when we were in Italy, Melissa, Rich, and I would debate the ethics of random topics. One of our many famous hypothetical questions was "If you could save all the polar bears (from their land loss and other threats) or save everyone in Africa (from AIDS and hunger), which would you do?"

While I did not choose the polar bears, I still think they are precious!! They are losing their habitat. Many are drowning because their land is melting away! And since I have had several other posts about hunger and poverty, I wanted to share about the polar bears (aka I wanted an excuse to post really cute pictures of them!!)

Click on THIS for more information about polar bear rescue.

5 Things Humans Can Do to Help the Polar Bears by Slowing the Global Warming Process:

1) Reduce and Recycle: Reducing garbage by 25% decreases carbon dioxide emissions aiding to global warming.
2) Be Green
3) Power Down and Clean Up: Cut down on laundry and dish loads and wash with cold or warm water as opposed to hot as often as possible.
4) Be a Turn Off: shut of unnecessary lights
5) Dont Give Energy Away: Keep doors/windows closed

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