Friday, March 27, 2009


Trafficking: to trade or deal in a specific commodity or service often of an illegal nature.

1) Trafficking in persons is modern day slavery, involving victims who are forced or coerced into labor or sexual exploitation.
2) It is estimated that 2 children are sold every minute.
3) United Nations Children's Fund now believes that the number of children trafficked each year is around 1.2 million.
4) The U.N. and other experts estimate the total market value of illicit human trafficking at 32 billion dollars.
5) It's estimated that at least 27 million people are currently enslaved in the world. This is more than double the number of Africans enslaved during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.

There are so many incredible organizations out there with the mission, purpose, and vision to help those around them and the world. I think its so encouraging to hear about the work that they are doing across our globe. The following are links to great organizations:

Love146: aiding those who have been a victim of human trafficking and seeking to prevent continued trafficking
To Write Love on Her Arms: giving hope to those suffering with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide in the name of Jesus.
Heifer International: works with communities to end hunger and care for the earth. Requires recipients of animal gifts to share offspring and by-products with neighbors.
Habitat for Humanity: providing families with safe and affordable housing around the globe

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