Monday, April 20, 2009

City of Fountains

Which city comes to mind when you hear "the City of Fountains".....? Rome perhaps?

Rome does have the most fountains in the world. There are over 280 fountains in the city limits. My favorite was the Trevi fountain which was constructed in 19 BC. This fountain is absolutely gorgeous, especially at night. They say that if you throw a euro into the fountain, it will guarantee your return to Rome sometime in the future....I guess I will be going back.....

But did you know that Kansas City is also known for their fountains. Thats right, not just for barbecue and the Royals, but for the fountains around the city...

Kansas City Fountain Facts courtesy of
1. Kansas City ranks second in the world in number of fountains erected in the city. Only Rome, Italy has more.
2. Some of the statues located in Kansas City's fountains are 300 years old. (compared to Rome's 2,000 year old fountains)
3. One fountain flows year-round and forms a winter ice sculpture.

Below are several photos of fountains......Try to guess if they are from Rome or Kansas City.




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Majed said...

Rome is a cool place to go to, but i am not going to throw a euro into the fountain
because the euro will cost me alot of euros to come back again ,,lol

and yeap!!
I am going home for the summer :)