Thursday, April 16, 2009

33 days....

Every April the same mixed emotions surface:

As the school days dwindle, my heart is always torn. Torn between family and Kwest, between Manhattan and Table Rock, between Kstate friends and Kanakuk ones. While I anxiously await the cool breeze off the lake, the late nights spent on the tennis courts gazing at the stars, the swings outside the chuckwagon, and the burdened hearts for the Lord.....I also crave a summer at home watching baseball games, taking trips to Sonic, driving at night with the windows down, laying out by the pool, and Bible study with my Salina girls.

The longer I think about it, the better I feel. The Lord gives me peace. My heart is torn. But it is torn because I love both so much. And I wouldnt want it any other way....

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Majed said...

missing friends is not really cool ,,
while i am here, i miss those who are back home
and while i am back home, i miss those who are here, but i guess that how it goes ,,
the more places you go to, the more things and people you add to your life ,,
hope you'll have a wonderful summer