Monday, October 13, 2008

Italian Thoughts for the Soul........(cont)

-The people here are very hospitable.

-People in Italy know so much about America. Its kinda weird. I mean I dont think that Americans really worry about the politics in other countries, but the people here talk about American politics all the time! butter!!! a reasonable price that is! It costs 5 and a half euro! which is the equivalent of about 7 to 8 dollars!

-Porcupine can only be consumed if it is roadkill, otherwise it is illegal.

-Many Italians find my English easier to understand than someone from England.

-Nutella tastes so good!

-Olive oil is a great substitute for butter......most of the time.

-I really miss Mexican food.

-Modge is my new nickname.

-I am starting to like coffee here more and more. The wine still tastes gross to me though......

-Buildings are beautiful. The architecture in DC is gorgeous, but its a different kind of beautiful here. Peeling paint and missing chunks out of walls look astounding in Italy.

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