Monday, October 13, 2008

Dial "Maggie" for Murder

After a couple weeks with my roommate Katy, she brought up the murder case that is currently going on in Perugia. I had already heard about this case a little bit because my cousin, Sezzie, was studying there at the same time. Anyway, Katy's friends had given her a hard time and told her to watch out for her roommate and hope that she's not a killer. So there was a big joke that I was going to kill Katy or something.....

Then just the other night, Frederico (a Tuscanian guy) tells me that I look like this killer girl who is currently in jail in Perugia. (This could explain all the weird looks I get here.) This is a huge case here in Italy and all the Italian people are really listening and getting really anxious for the trial which will take place in November. Then over the weekend, a couple other people commented on the similarities between us, so we bought a magazine and looked up a picture of this chick to compare the similarities. I took a pic of my passport photo next to her picture in the magazine, so I need your opinion. Everyone here in Italy (EVERYONE) has said that I look just like her. Now I dont see it, but maybe you can.

Other creepy similarities:
-While I look like the killer, my roommate Katy is from Seattle, which is where this chick is from.
-We are going to Perugia this upcoming weekend. Needless to say, I kinda want to visit the jail, with a hat and sunglasses of course!
-The killer girl's hair is darker than mine, but I almost died my hair darker before I came here.
-We are the same age.
Here are a few links about the case if you want to check them out.
I guess the girl, Amanda Knox, and two Italian guys were in the apartment at the time of the murder. All three of their DNA was found at the crime scene. They have all been kept in Perugia in jail, but none of them have said anything leading to their own conviction or the conviction of the others, so not much other evidence has been found. The girl's neck was slit, proving it wasnt an accidental death.

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Larissa said... do look similar...funny! lol!