Monday, September 15, 2008

Sorento and the Island of Capri

Saturday turned out to be a little bit rainy. We took a bus down from the cliffs to the shore and waited on a boat to ferry us from Sorento, Italy to the island of Capri. While we were waiting it started to pour, so we all piled under Lauren’s towel to protect our cameras. But once we got to Capri, the sun came out, and the day turned out to be quite beautiful. API gave us the whole day to tour the island with a few recommendations of things to do. My Tuscania roomies and a few sweet Rome girls all decided to take a bus to the top of the island where it would be a) quieter b) less touristy and c) a better view of the island. We did some shopping and then found this really quaint pizzeria tucked away in a garden off a side street. It was the most gorgeous place, and it was real quiet. You couldn’t hear any traffic or the hustle and bustle of tourists. I ordered a pizza that could have fed two and ate it all myself; we all did in fact! After about two hours of chatting, eating, and laughing, we headed back down the island to the coast and played in the Mediterranean and laughed at the crazy, OLD Europeans who wandered in the buff.

Once returning to Sorento, we headed back to the hotel and got dressed up for an evening out. There was a side street lined with all sorts of different shops: pottery, clothes, shoes, scarves, and knick knacks. There was one particular shoe store where you could pick out the leather shoe you liked, and then the guy would make it molded for your foot. I ended up purchasing a brown dress and a couple scarves for the price of the shoes instead. Then around 9 o’clock after we had shopped, we ate dinner at this nice restaurant. Lauren and I were thrilled because they put ice in our cokes!! There was this one older waiter who was quite ornery. He handed out several kisses and would try to take our food before we were finished. The best part was the guy standing by our table singing in Italian for the entire restaurant. It felt like I was in a scene from Return to Me…

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