Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Music Within

While flipping through the channels, August Rush caught my eye. So, naturally, I DVR it (because thats my new favorite invention that I only have while Im at home). I was struck by the incredible music and Freddie's role. His character in the movie has amazing musical talent, and I was reminded of the creativity and attention to detail that some people possess; I was also reminded of my lack of musical abilities :o). I find it fascinating that some people have such fine skills, whether that would be musically (August Rush), gramatically (Finding Forrester), mathematically(A Beautiful Mind), or athletically (Cinderella Man).

I remember hearing about a guy who was able to instantly mimic a 45 minute piano recital that he had never heard, after listening to it only one time. Isnt that incredible? I wish that I could memorize 45 pages after reading it only once! Random thoughts I know. If you have not yet seen this movie, I encourage you to see it. The music is intriguing.....

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