Monday, October 26, 2009

To Do List before I Graduate

Things relating to the "True K-State Experience" that I want to do. The ones in purple I have already completed.

Play Frisbee Golf

Own 3 purple KState shirts (one I must purchase)

Swim in the Natatorium

Eat at Houlihans

Chalk Campus

Clean Bramlage

Paint Up

Get on ESPN

See a Movie in Fourum

Talk to Scooter Girl

Fail a test

Get a 100% on a test

Play intramurals

Rush football field and basketball court

Yell at a Campus Tour

Dance at Longhorns

Picture with Wefaldt

Call Hall Ice Cream

Eat in the Derb, VZ, Kramer

Pull an All-Nighter (academically)

Go in every building

Go to a volleyball game

Go to a basketball game

Go to a football game

Snowball fight in the quad

Lay on the field of Old Stadium at night

Visit Pillsbury, Top of the World, Manhattan Hill, Konza

Eat lunch at the union

Get a quote in the Fourum

Meet a student athlete

Buy something from Acme

Go to the Kat-House

Ride the moving bookshelves


Attend an away sporting event

Go in the President’s house

Buy something from the library

Play Fugitive


Majed said...

"Eat at Houlihans"
YOU SHOULD!!! i had a dinner there with a friend of mine long long long time ago. it's pretty awesome.

"Fail a test"
seriously ? ha

"Go in the President's house"
i want to go with you :)

Libby said...

I've eaten lunch at the union!!! food