Sunday, June 7, 2009

Reunions with my favorite people. For those of you who observed some of the pictures I posted on facebook throughout the year, this is 5/7 of us who all took pictures in our mickey mouse shirts every fourth of every month. Because we celebrate the fourth of every month rather than just the fourth of july....Caitlin and are greatly missed!

Also (yes also) reunions with my Co-counselor from last year: Kara Williams (us at the 80s skate night), and with my fellow cooks: Callie Finkle, Liz Tudor, and Dorian Spencer (not pictured).

Work week was definitely great, but I'm so glad that the kids have finally arrived. This summer has been a lot different though. Since I dont have my own cabin of girls, it is harder to determine what my actual ministry is supposed to look like this summer. I have a lot more freedom, but I also have to be much more intentional with my time. I adopted the oldest cabin (which is so fun because a few of them I had last summer) and have spent lots of time with them. They call me Aunt Marge because I come in during FOB and during Devos and just get to hang out with them as often as I can. But its definitely been challenging as I figure out how I am supposed to minister to kids and staff this summer...

I have loved loved loved working in the trees so far. For those of you who do not know, there are three different events up at the tree tops course: climbing wall/rappel tower, faith poles, and ropes course. It is so fun working all of it so far (however im sure it will get repetitive soon). My first summer I really did not like the ropes course at all. It terrified me, and I always prayed that all of the girls in my cabin would go through it or that we had an even number so that I wouldnt have to go up with my kampers. Then my second summer, our small group went through the course and it was much more successful but I still wasnt a fan. But now its really cool to see the way that the Lord prepared me for working up there this summer. Its almost as if my fear of heights has diminshed (or my faith in the equipment has sky-rocketed). Either way, the Lord is faithful, and I actually really enjoy it! Hopefully I will be posting pictures soon.....

Until then, here are a few pictures of our ropes course team:

Red Ranger: Dave Browning-A&M
Orange Ranger: Tyler Cloyde-OSU
Yellow Ranger: Meg Beasley-Auburn
Green Ranger: Dan Crosby-Mizzou
Blue Ranger: Derrek Nassick-Ole Miss
Purple Ranger: Me
Black Ranger: Will Certain-Kansas City Seminary
White Ranger: Richard Gretsky-Orlando (Wikipedia Univ)

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Hannah said...

UMMMM LOVE the pics of us in the shirts. Love you, too. Miss you tons, girl!