Wednesday, December 3, 2008

17 days....

I cant believe that my time in Italy is coming to a close.....ah! I have 17 days left in Italy.....

Up until now, I have not felt homesick in any way. Except for mexican food, I havent even missed much else, but now with the holidays in the air, Sez leaving, and wintery weather approaching, I am beginning to miss Kansas. Besides the obvious (fam and friends), these are the silly things I miss:

-take out
-large movie collections
-randomly text messaging friends or leaving silly voicemails
-trips to wal-mart
-sonic, taco bell, american coffee
-making fun of Clay and Scooby
-being the butt of the family jokes
-Bible study with my girls
-the box (i guess its the white house now....)
-christmas light looking/unplugging a particular manhattan tree


Larissa said...

Oh my gosh...I have brilliant ideas for Christmas break when you move in!!! Good to chat this morning!

Sam said...

i am honored.. the box made the list!