Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Becca's Birthday Weekend

This past weekend was spent in Florence with my dear friend Becca! She turned twenty-one on Saturday.......yay for her!!! Congratulations for being born.....

I was nervous about this trip, because it would be the first time that I would be travelling by myself. And as my family, close friends, and fellow Tuscanians can attest, I am not the first person someone would choose as their navigator. However, I proved EVERYONE WRONG (muah-ha-ha-ha) by getting there AND back safely by means of foot, 2 buses, and 2 trains EACH way.....! Gosh, I am so awesome.

Anyway, I met Becca at the train station, went to her apartment to drop off my luggage, and then we went out to eat at Tijuana's! This was my first "good" mexican place since being in Italy. It was no La Casita by any means, but it was leaps and bounds better than the stuff we tried in Perugia! After feasting on some great enchiladas, we headed back to their apartment and caught up on our Italian adventures.

The next day we woke up REALLY late, and headed to the open air market. I got lots of christmas shopping done! We also kept a look-out for Italian boots....Becca found a nice pair and purchased them as a birthday present for herself. After lots of shopping, we then headed back to the apartment to change for dinner!

All dressed up, we headed to a fancy restaurant next to the Ponte Vecchio. Looking out the window we could see the bridge all lit up at night! I ate ribollita, which is a famous Florentine soup, while the birthday girls, Becca and her roomie Shayla, enjoyed steak!! We then headed out for the evening......At one of the places we went to, these four Italian guys working there sang Happy Birthday to Shayla and Becca, and then proceeded to give them free bananas.....kind of a strange gesture! We also went to a karoke bar, and Becca and Shayla sang "I love Rock and Roll" only because they didnt have "You're So Vain".

On Sunday, we slept in and ate grilled cheese sandwiches and went out again in search of boots for myself. I am a cheap person, so i was waiting for just the right pair.....They had to be a very light brown, with a large based heel, and at a reasonable price. I ended up purchasing exactly what I'd been looking for, for only 34 euro!!! Now, I doubt they are real leather, but I was still excited.....I dont need the real thing.....haha!

The rest of the weekend in Florence was spent catching up with Becca. Other than seeing her in Dublin, we havent really gotten to chat and just hang out since being here, so that was really nice! It was also great to be there with her for her 21st birthday!!! I hope that it was a great one.....


Larissa said...

This entry makes me want to cry! I love you both so much!

welcometomylife said...

ahh.... an amazing weekend! love you!