Thursday, November 27, 2008

Adesso! (Italian for now)

ever feel as though you are never really living in the moment? i experience this from time to time, and now is one of those times. the holiday season is here, but not in italy. however, i did see some italians hanging up christmas lights. ive felt so out of the loop since being here. things that have passed me by include the election (i feel like i never really knew what was going on), holidays (halloween was skipped, and i will be missing all of the christmas season), navs (with the change in leadership and such), friends and fam (their lives drastically changing for better or for worse).

but all of this encourages me to live in the now. i wont get these moments in italy back. i wont have the opportunity to hang out with these people in the same way, perhaps ever again. i have 23 days! 23 days to cherish and soak up all that i can. because all that is going on back home will be waiting for me when i return. too often i find myself or others saying, "i cant wait for break." or "if only spring break would be here". but we cant live for the times when we arent in school or arent working, because those times will end and then we return to school or work. its so important to live NOW, live TODAY.....because tomorrow can worry about itself. i have 12 hours left of today.......what am i going to do with it? what can i do with it to further the kingdom of heaven? as ward wiebe would say........"put on those heaven goggles!"

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Larissa said...

I totally agree. I feel like that all the time...thanks for the reminder!