Monday, September 22, 2008

Italian Thoughts for the Soul....(cont)

Random experiences/quirks about the country of Italia:

-most people drink the sparkling water, which is absolutely nasty. in fact, i think its awful. so you have to order acqua naturale.

-grocery stores charge for use of plastic bags. so we always save them and reuse!

-there is no drinking age in italy. children could go to a bar and order whatever. they dont mind you, but they could. kids learn that drinking is a social thing and only used in moderation. so few people really get wasted on a regular basis.

-almost everyone smokes! including all the high school students.....

-high school musical and harry potter are popular here as well! and you think im crazy......

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Larissa said...

Well, glad to hear you aren't the only one crazy about HSM. If you notice I created a facebook event for it. It sort of is in honor of you. I am currently sitting in the library waiting for my next class to start. I am sweating too because it sort of is warm on campus today. And my mom loves sparkling water. If it's cheaper you should by some flavored syrup and make and Italian soda. I get those at the Bistro and Radina's all the time! miss you!