Sunday, September 7, 2008

Beach Sunday

Today Lauren, Katy, and I took a trip to Monalto to see the beach. These girls are so much fun to hang out with. We walked on the beach, bought some discounted swimsuits from vendors, ate some gelato, and read our books. This beach was nicer than the other one we went to in Tarquinia; it was less windy and the water was a little cooler. Massimo took us at a discounted rate because he had to make a trip there anyway, so we chilled on the beach from 9:30 in the morning until 5pm. The weather was perfect; a little hazy in the morning but then the sun came out around 2. I feel like this is my summer vacation since I spent all of my summer at Kanakuk. Now I can just enjoy good company and relax in the sun.


Larissa said...

Maggie...I read your entries from today and they bring tears to my eyes...just knowing that you are happy and having a blast and really experiencing culture. It makes me smile! I love you!

Sarah said...

So basically I miss you a lot and I am so jealous that you are living in a different country.
I love you!